Composer: Carlos Seixas

Arranger: Rebeca Oliveira

Solo guitar | Advanced


"Both Sonata 70 and 76 (Allegro) are an exmple of the use of imitative counterpoint where a strict imitation of the theme at the octave precedes a section of free counterpoint. No other sections of strict imitative counterpoint are found in the above mentiones movements besides the opening gestures. Besides the fact that Sonata 70 is written in one movement only, other peculiarity is the abundant use of chromatic lines. 


Sonata 76 was very likely written with the organ in mind judging by its long notes which would be impossible to hold on the harpsichord. Contrary to what is presented in "Carlos Seixas - 80 Sonatas para Instrumentos de Tecla - a transcription and Study" by Macario Santiago Kastner, I decided to include only the second of two Minuets as part of this Sonata. This decision was motivated by the fact that the first Minuet is also presentes as part of Sonata 37."

Carlos Seixas - Sonata 70,76 (Tr. Rebeca Oliveira)

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